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Nestled in our cosy offices in The Cotswolds, our sunny, fun-filled team are dedicated to producing, at top speed, the highest quality labels.

We make labels for life!

Aiming to hold your hand from your first steps, enjoying all the bits in between like school, camp, holidays, college and then later life.

Our mission is to make great labels, at affordable prices that work and you will be welcomed back with open arms when you need us again.

We believe in a sensitive and understanding approach when talking to family members purchasing clothing name tags for loved ones moving to a residential care home.  If you wish to discuss your requirements by telephone then be assured that we’ll handle it with the sensitivity you’d expect.

For shorter respite stays we can supply smaller quantities of iron on or sew in name labels. The most popular choice though is our tagg on name label; this label can be applied in seconds to virtually all clothing items and are suitable for high temperature washes.

For longer care stays we offer a range of name labels in larger quantities and packs which include stick on labels for personal possessions and shoe labels.

For Care Home owners and managers we can supply larger volumes of laundry labels, clothing tags and stick on labels suitable for other personal possessions.

If you are responsible for the labelling of residents clothing, possessions or other laundry items then contact us today and we will arrange free sample packs of to be sent out to you. In addition, we can offer simplified ordering, credit accounts and special rates for larger homes and groups.

If your residents are responsible for labelling their own clothing and possessions, we can supply you with special rate discount codes exclusively for their use.

Contact our Care Division today to find out how we can help.

This site is operated by The Name Label Company Ltd and is registered in England and Wales - Company No, 7874427. We are based in the UK and dispatch all our labels from our UK manufacturing facility. We aim to provide you with the best experience possible.

Our Chosen Charity

charity namelabelco ratidzo trust

Our chosen charity Ratidzo Trust held our hearts from the moment they came into our lives. We hope that by sharing them with you we can hold hands to help support them.

Their aim is to prevent or relieve poverty and financial hardship for vulnerable people, orphans (HIV/AIDS & Conflict), the elderly and those living with disabilities around the world by helping them generate a sustainable income and be self-sufficient.

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