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Here you'll find lots of information that we hope may help you. Some information has been taken from other sources and where so, we've referenced the original source. 

A new downloadable guide from Caring Homes explains the latest changes from the Care Act; these changes came into effect at the start of April. The outline of the Care Act highlights what people with different levels of capital can expect in terms of financial assistance. It is no secret that nearly 96% of people over the age of 65 have made no financial provisions for future residential or nursing care. Given that the process can often be tough to come to terms with, Caring Homes have provided an easy to read guide on how the latest Care Act and its changes could affect you. Click here ..
We had our first real frost of the year today which always looks so pretty but means that first dog walk of the day is much, much colder and I need to wrap up warm, so it’s time for the bobble hat. I work from home so I am very aware of how cold it is now indoors. It is relatively easy for me to stay warm, I have turned on the heating and dug out my winter woollies but for the elderly the cold weather leaves them vulnerable as their bodies respond differently. Age UK has lots of advice available on keeping warm on its website with factsheets available to download for friends and family w..
In the Sunday Times Home section on 16/11/2014 Cally Law outlined simple steps to help people living with dementia in their daily lives. The article focused on practical changes to the home as remaining at home for as long as possible is usually the preferred option. However many of the ideas can be implemented wherever that home may be and include both low and high tech innovations. The article highlighted improvements in lighting, the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living areas as well as assistive technology where changes can be made to help make life easier, safer and more enjoyable for..
Choosing the right care for yourself or a relative is a complex process both from an emotional and practical point of view.  Making the decision that care is needed can be traumatic even before consideration of the options available and how to fund it. Chris Torney, writing in the Daily Express yesterday, advises it is never too early to start thinking about these issues and planning for them rather than having to react in the heat of the moment to a specific incident such as a fall, that precipitates the realisation that your loved one is no longer independent. There are many different ..
Please be aware that there are no collections or deliveries on the bank holidays this Friday and the following Monday.   Good Friday bank holiday Friday 29 March No collections No deliveries Easter Monday bank holiday Monday 1 April No collections No deliveries   Label orders will be despatched either side of these dates as per normal.  Any queries, please call or email us. ..
It can be very difficult knowing the right questions to ask when choosing a nursing home for an elderly loved one.  Here’s a list to consider when making that decision.   Location               Where is home?                Will visitors be able to get there easily? Are there transport links nearby?                Are facilities such as shops, pubs, parks and places of worship within easy reach?                How accessible is the home?                Will it be easy for you to enter and leave the building, and move between rooms and floors?                How good ..
Care Homes all have different policies, so the first and most important thing to do is CHECK WITH THEM, before moving in. Pets Some care homes don’t allow pets and if you are devoted to your dog or cat it can be hard to think about giving him/her away. Maybe a family member or friend can look after them for you if you aren’t able to take them with you. They might be able to bring the pet in as part of a visit. Otherwise, there is a national register of care homes, retirement and sheltered accommodation, run by The Cinnamon Trust, which allow pets. This is a registered charity which de..
Can’t decide which type of sewing label to order from us? Here are the advantages of each; rest assured whichever label you order you’ll be delighted with the ones you receive! Printed Sew in labels are great because they can be ordered by 2pm and sent out the same day, so they’re really FAST.  They arrive on backing paper that is ever so slightly tacky, which you can use to your advantage to stick the label in place whilst sewing and all you need to do is cut them to size if required with no fear of fraying, peel them off and sew in either by machine or by hand.  They are great for sensiti..
Very occasionally we get someone calling with a query about our iron-on labels.  We have so much faith in our labels that we know it is just a matter of chatting through the process and working out where maybe a certain instruction hasn’t been followed or carried out. So, in case you're wondering where are the questions we ask. If you get to the end of them and still can't get an iron-on label to stay attached, we'll be amazed! ONE - What type of iron do you own: Everyone's iron is different – some of us have inherited our great aunts and we warm it by the open fire (next to the tin bath..
We love our Tagg On name labels and it appears lots of you do as well. But if you haven’t yet used them and are wondering “what are these blimming Tagg on® labels all about then?!” then here are some of the reasons as to why choose them -  Tagg On® labels takes seconds to apply to clothing. This is far quicker than any other clothing label!  So why not save some time and Tagg on®, rather than spending hours labelling with a needle and thread or an iron?! Sew In labels? Well, that depends on your sewing skills, but can you sew on a label in under a minute? Tagg on labels can be attache..
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