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Sir Muir Gray, former chief of knowledge for the NHS, has shared his extensive knowledge from 40 years as a doctor in public health and written a book on keeping fit to live a full and independent life in your seventies and beyond.

His view is that age is just a number and that most of the limitations that older people experience are not caused by ageing itself — but by the way people choose to live their lives as they grow old.

Extracts from his book adapted by Corinna Honan are being serialised in the Daily Mail this week and they are well worth a read – no matter what age you are!

Topics covered so far include; how to avoid slips and trips, looking after your brain, how to avoid medicines and operations you don’t need and age-proofing your body.

Sir Muir’s 3 golden rules to increase your chances of having a relatively trouble-free and independent old age are:

·         You have to become fitter –even if you already have one or more long-term conditions

·         You must actively reduce your risk of developing a disease

·         You need to adopt a positive attitude to life, its problems and opportunities

It is a fantastic series of articles to get you thinking about how you can achieve better health and fitness for now and the future, written by an expert and pitched at an achievable level.

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