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Can I ask that to avoid any physical face to face, please leave it the porch. I will pick it up after deliverer has gone

Not to worry your order will fit through your normal post box.

My Husband has been rushed into hospital, what is the quickest and easiest label to use?

We suggest our Hospital-Short Stay pack all these labels can be applied in the Hospital or at home with no need for sewing or ironing

Click here to find out more. If your not sure what to pack take a look at this useful blog Click Here

How best to label my wife's clothes when she goes into respite care for two weeks?

We suggest using our respite care clothing label pack which allows you to quickly and easily label your clothes, and all labels come with a lifetime guarantee are washing machine safe including the higher temperatures used in care homes. For more information read our blog on the subject Here

Can I get my order delivered directly to the care home?

We now recommend placing the name of the person who the item is for the attention of in the comments section you could also include a date of birth or an N.H.S number if known

Yes, you can get your order delivered directly to a care home 1st class postage, and packaging is free for orders over £19.99 and only 0.99p if not. Next day delivery is also available if the labels are required urgently.

What's the best label to use for labelling socks and underwear?

We suggest using our Small Iron-On labels which are small enough to be placed on socks and underwear but still big enough to identify them. They are made from Once® iron-on material so they come with a lifetime guarantee and can be produced within 24hrs and despatched the same day  (Mon-Fri)


Do you have labels that can go through a Dry Cleaner?

Our ONCE® Iron on range are tried and tested to go through a Dry Cleaner with no fear of them coming off.

Can the labels withstand hot, industrial washers and dryers without coming off?

Yes! Our ONCE® Iron-on and printed sew on/Tagg on® labels are specially designed for a commercial laundry where the temperatures of the washers and dryers are very hot, and the clothes are washed regularly. The tags often outlive the clothes!

Are the labels kind to sensitive skin?

Yes!  All our printed clothing labels, whether it be the ONCE® Iron-on, printed sew on or Tagg on® is made from a unique nylon fabric for sensitive skin, so no fear of it irritating your skin.

Is there a limit to the number of characters on a name label?

Yes, we generally have a 19 character limit per line for our labels, and our labels vary from being able to fit one or two lines (see product descriptions). However, if your name is longer than this, then please get in touch, and we can discuss our options.

Can I have the name printed in capitals?

Of course! We print exactly what you type in, so if you want it in capitals simply type it in as all capitals. It’s as easy as that.

The name I typed in looks a little small on the website?

Never fear – we make sure to resize all names so that they are filling up the maximum space on the label. So even if it looks a little small on the website, it will be as big as it can be in real life.

Can I have accents on letters?

No problem at all. We can print all accents and unusual letters.

Is it possible to add the telephone number next to the name?

You can fit anything on our labels as long as it’s fewer than 19 characters. If you want to provide in a telephone number or a room number etc. then simply choose a label that has two lines of text available and use the top line for your name and the bottom one for your number.

Can one label pack contain labels with different names?

Unfortunately, we are not able to print multiple names or colours/logos within one pack of labels. If you require two different names, then you’ll need to order two packs of labels.

Can I order by phone?

Please do! Our friendly staff are always at the other end of the line and are happy to walk you through the ordering process and even give you tips on attaching your labels if need be. You can ring us on 01684 427247  if we are unavailable, please leave a message, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Can you remove the iron-on labels?

No, our Iron-on labels are intended to be permanent so cannot be removed. If eventually, you wish to pass on your labelled clothes then we also offer blank labels to iron over your name labels. You could also block over the name with a Laundry Pen, which is also available on our store.

My Iron-on labels are coming off in the wash, why?

The most likely reason for this is that the iron wasn’t hot enough when the labels were applied, so the bonding glue wasn’t fully activated and sealed. Go back and double-check the instructions sent with your label pack (or if you’ve lost these we have the instructions on our website) If you’ve had any problems applying your labels then please get in touch, and we can talk you through the process.

Do the Tagg on™ labels irritate the wearer?

Not in our experience (and we’ve road-tested all our labels ourselves) our tagg on labels are very small, smooth and flat, so they shouldn’t irritate the wearer.


Can I cancel/return my order if I change my mind?

Due to the customized nature of our products, we are unable to refund any orders that have already been produced. If you think you’ve made a mistake with your order then please get in touch with us as soon as possible via phone (01684 427247) as we try to produce all of our orders within 24 hours of receiving them. If the labels have not yet been made, then we may be able to work something out. We are here to help.

My order has arrived with a spelling mistake/different logo to the one I selected?

We have a rigorous quality control programme on our shop floor that includes a final double-check that all the information is correct, so we’re extremely confident that we wouldn’t make any errors during production. However, our labels are made by humans (not robots) so we must allow for human error. If it turns out we have made a mistake we are more than happy to post you out a set of corrected labels as soon as possible with our sincerest apologies. If the mistake is yours then, unfortunately, we will have to charge you for a replacement set of labels.


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