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How quickly can I get labels?

Order (Monday-Friday) by 11.30 am and you can choose our FedEx next day guaranteed delivery. Otherwise, you have up to 2pm to order and use any other Royal Mail service for same-day despatch.

Do I have to be in to receive the delivery of my labels?

We make sure your labels are in an envelope that will fit through a letterbox, so you don’t have to be in to receive your labels. If you choose FedEx they don’t require a signature.

What label should I choose?

If your loved one is going into Long Term Care, look no further than our Iron on and Stick on Pack. We put this pack together when a family member went into care, so we had first-hand knowledge of exactly what we needed.  The fact you have a mixture of labels means you can label underwear and socks with the small iron on labels and the medium sized iron on labels are great for the mainstream wardrobe. We forgot that personal items can go walkabout, so we put together a sheet of stick on labels, all different shapes and sizes, for items like reading glasses, ornaments and pictures, mobile phones, tablets and toiletries. If an item then did go walk about it was much kinder and easier to ask for it back if your name is on it! We would strongly advise adding the shoe/slipper labels as it is such an expensive item to replace if it goes walkabout!

If your loved one is going into short term respite Care our Respite Care Pack was again put together from personal experience.

If your loved one is going into hospital, this pack was put together after seeing a sticker on a bedside locker of what you need to bring in so there are enough labels for each item Hospital and Short Stay Pack

Is there a video I can watch on how to apply the ONCE® Iron on labels?

There certainly is! Just click on the link below or call/email if you want to chat to someone personally.

Iron on ONCE® Instruction Video

What sew on label is best for Care/Nursing Home Laundries?

We have two types of sew on labels – the traditional, woven sew on label where the wording is embroidered on. Or our Printed sew on label, which is made from a special nylon fabric for sensitive skin and the wording is printed on rather than embroidered. The printed sew on label comes on backing paper as it has gone through a machine to pre-cut it to size and seal the edges so they don’t fray.  The printed sew on label is great for Care/Nursing Homes as they don’t irritate elderly skin and can repeatedly go through the hot washers and dryers with no fear of fading or fraying.

What is the difference between small and medium Tagg on Labels?

Small Tagg on® labels are free-flowing. We move the required personalisation to the right, leaving a gap at the beginning of the label to push your pin through so it doesn’t distort the name.

Medium Tagg on® labels are looped. You fold the label back onto itself and pin through the joining edge.

What cloth should I use if I want to protect synthetic/delicate fabrics when ironing on my label?

The best cloth is a cotton handkerchief. Or one layer of a pillowcase.  If you use too thick a cloth it will absorb too much of the heat from the iron and not heat up the adhesive on the label correctly.  Also if your cloth has holes in it there is a chance it will not give an even distribution of heat.

Why do you have to stick the clothing stick on label to a washing/care label and not directly onto the clothing?

The washing/care label is a constant smooth material that we know doesn’t change within a garment.  We have rigorously tested it on this material and know it will give satisfactory results and your label will stay on through the wash.  If you stick it directly onto the clothing we have no control on how well the label will adhere and therefore it may come off straight away in the wash. 

How can I remove the iron on labels from clothing?

As our main aim is to keep them on, I have to say that to date no one has come up with a solution on how to remove them!  You can try adhesive removers but they are costly and we find don’t work. So the only solution we can offer, if you wish to pass clothes on, is to iron a blank label over the top and you can purchase them here:- Blank Labels

What should I pack if my loved one is going into a Care/Nursing Home and what are the best labels to choose?

We recommend enough clothing for two weeks – one week in the wash the other week wearing it!

Daytime Clothing – including that favourite cosy jumper or cardigan. Gardening/arts and crafts clothing – items you don’t mind getting messy! Lose clothing – some Homes run Tai Chi and other exercise classes. Two or three sets of nightclothes. A dressing gown. Slippers. Two pairs of shoes. Socks or stockings. Underwear. A coat or jacket. Hat and scarf. Something special – Homes often run events and parties.

Home Comforts – Photos/pictures. Ornaments. Books/e-reader. Games or hobbies, e.g. knitting. Writing materials. Favourite cushion for your bed/chair. Furniture e.g. your favourite armchair.

Toiletries – We recommend packing toiletries that you are used to using.  The familiar products and smells will help you to feel more at home.  The list included items for both men and women.

Toothbrush. Deodorant. Body lotion. Face products, e.g. moisturiser. Body wash/shower gel. Soap. Powder. Shampoo and conditioner. Hairbrush or comb. Make-up (if used) Perfume. Hairstyling equipment e.g. rollers/hairpins. Shaving equipment. Nail varnish. Some Homes have nail salons, but if you have a favourite, bring it with you!

Other items – Mobile Phone or tablet and charger. Glasses. Medicines. Mobility aids. Pets – check with the home before bringing! Pet supplies if allowed.

We recommend the two packs below to help label all the clothing and personal items are the packs below.  Don’t forget to add on the shoe/slipper labels as these are so costly to replace if you lose them!

Iron on and stick on pack or Complete Care Pack

My loved one has been rushed into hospital, what should I pack in a bag and what labels are the quickest to apply?

When a loved one of ours was rushed into hospital, we noticed a very useful sticker that had been stuck on the side cupboard by the bed and on it listed what a relative needed to bring in.

Mirror. Toiletries. Bring in drugs from home. Hand towel. Laundry bags. Day clothes (stretchy). Tissues. Slippers or well fitted slipper socks. If patient uses continence items please bring them in for them to use. Night clothes.

The perfect pack to label all these items in no time at all is Hospital-Short Stay pack

My loved one is going for a 2 week respite stay, do you have a pack of labels especially for this?

We have the perfect pack Respite Care Pack. This will give you the confidence that the clothes can go through very hot temperature washers and dryers with no fear of coming off.  Also the stick on labels for personal possessions means that you won’t leave any favourite items behind.  Don’t forget to add the shoe/slipper labels on as it is so costly to replace if they go walkabout!

What is the difference between ONCE® Iron on labels and Standard Iron on labels?

The ONCE® Iron on label only takes 10 seconds a label to apply.

The Standard Iron on label takes 3 lots of 15 seconds per label to apply.

The ONCE® Iron on label comes with a lifetime guarantee and can withstand extremely hot temperature washers and dryers with no fear of them coming off.

The Standard Iron on label does not come with a lifetime guarantee and is our budget label.

If you are using the iron on labels in a Care/Nursing Home we would strongly advise you to choose the Medium ONCE® Iron on Label as it saves an enormous amount of time and can withstand commercial laundry.

My ONCE® Iron on labels aren’t staying on, what am I doing wrong?

Don’t worry, it will be something simple we can sort out as your labels come with a lifetime guarantee.

Firstly, have you had a chance to look through the application instructions inside the wallet? You will see a little diagram showing where to set the temperature on the dial of your iron. It needs to be the 3rd dot on the 3rd setting as in the picture – just below MAX. You simply peel the label cleanly off the backing paper and lay it onto a smooth part of the clothing. Do not iron it onto a label, as a branding label is not a smooth surface for the label to adhere to and the care/washing instruction label is too silky a surface and it may slip off over time. If the fabric is delicate use a thin cloth, like a handkerchief, over the label so it won’t leave an iron mark.  Hold the iron down firmly and count to 10. Lift the iron and wait a minute for it to cool and then check it is smooth with no crinkles or bubbles and that you can’t get your nail under the edges. The edges should be firmly sealed.

If the label bubbles, it is too hot a setting and your iron might be running a little hot.  This will cause the adhesive on the label to dry out. Simply turn it down to just under the 3 dots and try again, a cloth in between might be helpful.

If the label is not sticking then the temperature is too low so turn it up until you reach the desired smooth, firmly sealed label.  If it’s too low a temperature the adhesive will not heat up enough to stick.

We strongly advise that if you have had to change the application in any way due to your iron running hot or cold that you wash the item of clothing you have applied the label to (we advise to leave the item of clothing 24 hours after applying the label, but don’t worry if you don’t have the luxury of time). If it stays on after the first wash it will never come off and you can confidently carry on applying your labels.

If you are still having issues, simply pick up the phone and dial 01684 472247 and a friendly member of our team will work out what is going wrong.

What label is best for socks?

Our Small ONCE® Iron on is the perfect label for the job.  The best place to put the label is on the foot of the sock.

This area of the sock has the least amount of stretch. It is always advisable to wash new socks, as they can have a fine Teflon coating on them that acts as a barrier to the label, and stretch it so it has had that initial pull. If you have very fluffy socks that might shed, it is probably better to use our Small Printed Sew in label or our Small Tagg on® label.

Should I put a room number on my label?

Unless the Home has specifically asked this, as they have their own system, we wouldn’t advise it as your loved one may be moved to a different room that is more suitable for them and then you are back to square one!

Why do you offer images and coloured text?

There is nothing wrong with a plain white label with black text. The reason why we offer images and colour is for two main reasons.  One is so that the label looks less clinical and more personal. The other is to be different!  If you have a white label with red text and a rose image, the carer and laundry staff will recognise it as yours and are less likely to put it back into the wrong wardrobe.

Should the name be on one line or two?

At the end of the day it is your personal preference. The way we find it works best is that if you have a very long name (over 15/20 characters) and you put it onto one line the text will be much smaller. If you then put that on two lines the text will be bigger and clearer to read.  If you have a small name (under 12 characters) it will fit perfectly on one line.

My parents are going into a Care/Nursing Home – can I split a pack of labels or do I have to buy individual packs?

We have used our personal experience to put our packs together with the amount of labels in a pack correct for one individual. As you are labelling a whole wardrobe and personal possessions you would not have enough if you split the pack in half.  We do offer top up packs that start with a smaller amount of labels if that is more suitable.

Should I put my loved ones' full name or the name they like to be called?

We find that so long as you have the surname correct, it is best to use the name your loved one likes to be called – For example, if they are christened Elizabeth and like to be called Betty then use that as they will feel more comfortable.  We always suggest putting the surname as well as the first name in case someone comes in with the same surname and then it doesn’t cause any issues.

Can I have accents on letters?

No problem at all. We can print all accents and any tailored lettering, just leave a message in the “Customer Comments Box” so you can copy and paste exactly how you want it to look.

Can I order by phone?

Absolutely you can! We love to have a chat and if you need a bit of advice on what pack or label to choose, our friendly team will always be here to help. Just call us on 01684 472247. If for some reason it goes onto voicemail please leave a message and we will get straight back to you.

Do you have a label that can go through Dry Cleaners?

Yes! Our ONCE® Iron on label goes through Dry Cleaners with no fear of it coming off Medium ONCE® Iron on Label

Are Tagg on® labels irritating to the skin and drag the clothing down?

Not in our experience (and we’ve road-tested all our labels ourselves) our Tagg on® labels are very small, smooth and flat, so they shouldn’t irritate the wearer. As they are so lightweight they do not pull down the clothing.  The advantage of being able to attach the label to a care label within the garment also stops irritation as it is away from the skin.


Due to the personalised nature of our products, we are unable to refund any orders that have already been produced. If you think you’ve made a mistake with your order then please get in touch with us as soon as possible via phone 01684 427247 as we produce all of our orders within 24 hours of receiving them. If the labels have not yet been made, then we may be able to work something out. We are here to help.

My order has arrived with a spelling mistake/different image than the one I selected!

We have a rigorous quality control programme on our shop floor that includes a final double-check that all the information is correct, so we’re extremely confident that we wouldn’t make any errors during production. However, our labels are made by humans (not robots) so we must allow for human error. If it turns out we have made a mistake we are more than happy to post you out a set of corrected labels as soon as possible with our sincerest apologies. If the mistake is yours then, unfortunately, we will have to charge you for a replacement set of labels.

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